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Who's got your keys?
It's amazing how few people can fully answer that question!

We rarely come across people who leave a spare key under the doormat, yet people trust their keys to cleaners and decorators without thinking twice.

Many people invest in decent front doors, then fail to lock them adequately, or secure their front doors accurately, but leave their windows vulnerable.

There are many ways into a house and only one of them is through the front door!

And this is just as true, when you find yourself accidently locked out.

There will be times in life when you need a locksmith, and the chances are on those occasions that you'll need them to be fast, reliable and affordable.

Lockmasters operates 24 hours a day, every day, and charges a pre-agreed fixed fee for domestic properties, so the only extra costs incurred will be if spare parts are needed.

We are non-destructive locksmiths. Destroying a lock may be a fast way in, but it's rarely the best and certainly not the cheapest.

Our locksmiths are all highly skilled and experienced individuals. Their vans are equipped with everything needed to get you back into your home fast.

We can deal with lock-outs, replacing locks on wooden, UPVC and aluminium doors and patio doors. Door entry systems, window locks and secondary security.

And we're well placed to advise on security. We can tell you how to ensure your home is insurance compliant. We're specialists in the renowned Bramah locks and many other insurance approved systems.

Our commercial customers consist of some of the biggest household names in the UK. We help them and we can definitely help you.

Every single locksmith we choose to work with, is at the forefront of the profession. We have access to real craftsmen, the kind of people who can cut a new key to match the lock in a 500 year old vestry door,  as well as those who specialise in cutting edge technology, such as biometrics.

Whether you need a unique key made for a castle in Scotland, or a keyless entry system for a suite of offices in Canary Wharf, consider it done.

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